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A few words about us. Our experience, our publications, our bookstore and how we can be useful.

The "Kyriakidis Bros - Publications SA" based in Thessaloniki. With 25 years plus experience in various publishing formats covered mainly by publishing scientific and academic books. Among the authors - collaborators included academics and other scientists whose work contributed decisively (and still contribute) to promote science and education in Greece.

The book titles of "Kyriakidis Bros - Publications SA" used by all Greek Universities and the University of Cyprus to support the teaching and research work.

If this is the first time you visit our online store welcome and we hope to provide for you a pleasant experience. In it you will find interesting titles that we hope you like them. We were chosen based on the quality.

If you end writer with requirements on the quality of work and a fair solution to wish your titles as "Kyriakidis Bros - Publications SA" can be a strategic adviser on matters relating to the specification of your issue, subsequent print-even at very low tiraz- and final promotion in many ways to the target audience

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