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Kyriakidis Bros - Publications SA assures that cover and protect all personal data of its users, when visiting time, use and service through its website and excluded for any reason whatsoever the sale, lease lending assignment trafficking and all other forms notification of users' personal information without their consent, unless required by law.

Kyriakidis Bros - Publications SA process only those essential elements which are necessary for accurate dispatch and receipt of each order, and what elements needed to be developed, improved and personalized service-information of its users, in accordance with teachings of the Greek and European Legislation and the provisions of the 2472/1997 as amended.
Each user has the right to request in writing the deletion of his personal data from the data file Kyriakidis Bros - Publications SA, after communication to the internet department and exercise its rights under Articles 11 and 13 of Law. 2472/1997. To use and to be served by the Electronic Bookshop will be useful to know the "Payment & Shipping".

The Electronic Bookshop controls, but not responsible for any appreciation of the species on the side of ekdoton- suppliers, as well as any errors typing values ​​or other elements of its products.

Updating the availability of books in our bookstore sites is untimely and not in real time (real time) and therefore does not guarantee the availability of books.

There is the possibility of payment through credit, debit and prepaid cards of Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Diners and the cash on delivery payment on our physical store (if you choose this way of receipt).

Every customer / user freely visit the online store Kyriakidis Bros - Publications SA without requiring the provision of personal information. If the visit turned into a book store for future purchase or order, is necessary your email, a user name and a password (which you specify) (Wishlisting).

Individuals, purchase of books / products
Name, fixed - mobile phone, address (city, street, number, district, postcode) shipping address of the order, if you report VAT / Tax then the document type will be "INVOICE" (in any other case will be proof) way eg payment on delivery, free with credit card. The whole process is done in the banking environment and the bank is responsible for the transaction.

Legal Persons-Freelancers, purchase of books / products
Name of the legal entity or professional, site office, address (city, street, house number, postcode) VAT number / name DO.Y responsible for order, stability mobile phone communication.

Users have access to their data and their account (Article 12 of 2472/1997) but may also require the disclosure of information held by the company Kyriakidis Bros - Publications SA For user identification is possible Online Bookshop use cookies.

The Electronic Bookshop monitor consistently over times for orders are exempt of force majeure. The order will be executed immediately after the termination of the cause that created the delay with the consent of the client order execution delay or non-execution of a request for proven reasons not create a right to compensation. -The Online Bookshop provide any requested by the customer explanation for the species of the order before the execution but also the duration of the 10 day withdrawal period after the expiry of which preclude their return. -The Products travel at the risk and responsibility of the customer. -The Online Bookshop controls, but not responsible for the suitability of items sent to customers other than of poor. -The Online Bookshop daily update their database, to better inform users not liable for securities deficient in the warehouses of publishers or exhausted titles.

- For credit card issues responsible is the bank the online store does not maintain sensitive data, credit-card details. All transactions take place in the banking environment and the responsibility of the customer and the bank.
-The Online Bookshop unannounced updates the text of trading conditions with customers in the context of the right has to update or change the conditions and these conditions.
-The Online Bookshop reserves the right to delete registered member if it wants to receive newsletter, not connected to the account of the last 12 months and has never done order. This is done for reasons of economy the size of the database of customers. The crossed whenever the client may want to re-register.
-The Online Bookshop committed to exhausting his efforts to provide smooth operation and high level services without guarantees holidays or absence of errors nor absolute protection against software viruses or the complete absence of any temporary operational problems and is not responsible for any possible form of injury user initiatives, relating to services and content of the site made with knowledge of those mentioned herein.
-The Online Bookshop maintains reservations about unauthorized and unlawful infringement leading to reading or taking away personal information.
-In The event of a display ad or advertising material responsibility for the content and legality of such material bears any advertiser or directly or indirectly alleged only that. A similar disclaimer has the Online Bookshop for any other website in which any reference to link (link) or by advertising link. The responsibility of these websites for each issue lies with the owners.
-The Eshop controlled by Kyriakidis Bros - Publications SA and Greek legislation regulates everything related to its use.
-The Differences that may arise from transactions carried out via the Electronic Bookshop are governed by international, Community and Greek law and included in those provisions of Presidential Decree 131 / 30.4.2003 and Law. 2251/1994, subject the jurisdiction of the Courts of Thessaloniki without excluding resignation Electronic Bookshop this right and the submission of disputes to the law and jurisdiction of the country of the User.